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If you prefer to speak with an education advisor about a personalised tutor match, please call Varsity Tutors UK at 0203 962 1468, to connect with an education advisor.


Online Biology Lessons

I only tutor A level Biology. I am a current A level Biology teacher in Sixth Form College. I have 26 years experience of full time teaching of only A level Biology in a top SFC. In addition to individual tuition I also weekly small group OCR A or AQA classes (£45 per class).

My students show marked improvement and achieve excellent results.

My department is grade 1, as were my lessons in the most recent OFSTED inspection. My classes have achieved in the top 1% of A level Biology Sixth form college classes nationally for value added results.

Very many students have achieved full marks in exam papers. Many have achieved their goal of obtaining a place to read Medicine or Dentistry.

Students that I have tutored have gone from D in the L6th exams to a A at A-level and from a C to an A*. I enjoy tutoring as it is immensely rewarding to see students achieve a thorough understanding of the theory and then apply their knowledge to answering questions.

Tutoring Experience

I am very aware of the shift in emphasis and the different skills required for the new specification A levels.
I have an in depth knowledge of the OCR A, Eduqas, AQA, Edexcel and CIE specifications

I recently tutored students from:

Eton College
Cheltenham Ladies College
St Swithuns'
Rugby School
Wycombe Abbey
Winchester College
Benenden School
St Pauls School for Girls
Kingston Grammar School
St. Peters York
Eastbourne College
St Marys' Calne
Brentwood School
Whitgift School
Oundle School
Downe House
UCS Hampstead
Bradfield College
St Benedicts Ealing
Concord College
Emanuel School
New English School of Kuwait
Leysin American School in Switzerland
King Edwards Southampton
Royal Grammar School Guildford
Reading School
Kingswood School
Eltham College
Harris Sixth Form
Barton Peveril
Alton College
Portsmouth Grammar School
Chesham Grammar
Cardiff Sixth Form Centre
Collingham College
Duff Miller Tutorial College
The John Lyon School

Tutoring Approach

A level Biology can be an extremely challenging subject, there is a huge body of difficult content to learn and understand.

As the new style questions test understanding and application far more than factual recall, many students find this a big change from what they were comfortable with at GCSE.

My aim is to get students to see why and how a biological process is occurring, rather than trying to rote learn the steps.

After a full explanation of the topic, I go through relevant past paper questions and try to coach what the question is actually asking, how it relates to the theory and how to phrase the answer for full marks.

All of my students are now online, I use an HD Webcam, a graphics tablet and video conferencing with a super-fast broadband connection. I use an excellent web-conferencing program, where both parties can see and annotate notes and past papers and PowerPoints, it is an extremely effective tutoring tool.

I have delivered over 2,500 hours of online lessons.

Board and year specific small group online masterclasses (£45) start run on a Tuesdays (AQA Y12, OCR A Y13) and Wednesday (OCR A Y12 and AQA Y13) evenings, the classes run weekly through Zoom until late June. The classes are popular and interactive, there is a lot of exam practice and looking at how to gain full credit for answers.

Places are available to reserve for the academic year 2024-2025

AQA Y12 - 5.15pm Tues from 1st of October
AQA Y13 - 6.30pm Weds from 9th of October
OCR A Y12 - 5.15pm Weds 25th of September
OCR A Y13 - 6.30pm Tues from 8th of October

To join the classes you will have to purchase my contact details as normal via First Tutors.

With online tutoring I have immediate access to a huge range of exam questions, markschemes and teaching resources.

All online tutorials are recorded and shared with the student, so they can be re-viewed and used for revision.

Prior to the tutorial, I send resources - notes, videos, questions, animations and PowerPoints to go through so faster progress can be made during the lesson.

If students need additional resources or are stuck on questions I will support them by WhatsApp outside of tutoring time.

I have a very efficient online booking system so you can choose the day and time that suits you and amend if your plans change.

LanguagesEnglish (British)
AvailabilityWeekdays (all times)
References Available On File


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Huddersfield University1996PGCEPGCE
UEA1994MastersGenetic Engineering
Sheffield University1992BachelorsBiology

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