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Award-winning, Verified© Oxford➕Cambridge➕Imperial Gold♦️Medalist✦11+/16+/GCSE/AL/IB Expert✦MPhil qualified✦Interview Coach✦Education Consultant & Mentor helping Top UK/Boarding School & Uni. students F2F/online since 2007 (Eton, Winchester, St.Paul's | Oxford, Cam, LSE) ⚠️Limited slots⚠️ ⇛⇛EXCLUSIVE RESOURCES⇚⇚ ✦BOOK HERE✦

► 1. Headlines | ‘Who am I’ ◄

Cambridge, Oxford, Imperial College Award Winner | Gold Medalist | MPhil Dual Scholarship | Highest 5-star reviews | Published in the Independent | UK’s Top Rated across all major websites | 36,000+ tutoring hours since 2007 | Oxbridge & Russell Group Admissions Specialist | Renowned Mentor | Senior Examiner | Head of Department | Competition Judge | Ex-Strategy Consultant | Ed-tech Advisor | Ofqual & Pearson Advisor | Tutor Trainer | International Tutor | 100% repeat students | West London | Richmond | Surrey

Limited slots left for 2023-24 academic year & upcoming Pre-test | 11+ | 13+ exams

…but I don’t gauge my success using my own qualifications and achievements. For me, the true measure of success is in fact the achievement of my students who I commit myself to. Here are some recent highlights of these phenomenal successes...

For details on services offered, please scroll further down to Sections 7/8

► 2. Student Successes 2022-23 ◄

✓ 23 out of 25 students gained offers from top choice UK universities, with 100% offers from Russell Group (inc. LSE, UCL, Imperial, King’s, Warwick, Durham) and / or Oxbridge (40% of all Oxbridge offers were across Economics / PPE, Management / E&M, Engineering, Medicine, NatSci, Law, HSPS, IR in the following colleges: Oxford: St. John’s, Christ Church, Magdalen | Cambridge: King’s, Trinity, Jesus, Sidney Sussex, Pembroke). Remaining offers across diverse courses (inc. Psychology, Architecture, Fashion Mgmt.) | 100% offers from European universities (inc. ETH, EPFL, EHL, Bocconi, Maastricht, Groningen, Esade)

✓ 100% of GCSE, AL and IB students (inc. home-schooled) appearing across AQA, OCR, EdExcel, WJEC, IB, CAIE, N5 and Highers achieved a 1-3+ grade improvement, with 100% attaining grade A/7/A2 or higher (32% achieved grade 8/9/A*/A1) and 5 exceeding expectations with school & national awards / 100% 'perfect' score / scholarships for stellar performance

✓ Two Year 13 students achieved Gold in Rounds 1 & 2 of the RSC Chemistry Olympiad, with one making it to the International Chemistry Olympiad (IChO)

✓ Three students awarded ‘Top Gold’ in Intermediate / Senior Physics Challenge and British Physics Olympiad Challenge, with one qualifying for the Int. Physics Olympiad (IPhO) and achieved Silver

✓ 10 students gained successful 16+ entry into St. Paul’s, Westminster, City of London, KCS, King’s Maths School, Sevenoaks, Perse, Magdalen | 12 students gained 13+ entry into Eton, Winchester, Harrow, Brighton, Wellington, NLCS, Dulwich, JAGS, Reed’s, Epsom, KGS (student scored top mark after being under my tutelage at a ‘satisfactory’ Ofsted-rated school) | Eight 11+ students successful for St. Paul’s, Hampton, LEH, Latymer, Tiffin, Henrietta Barnett, London / Sutton / Slough 11+ Consortiums | Four students successful for 7+/10+/12+/14+ exceptional entry route

✓ Two Year 10 students achieved Gold in Maths UKMT IMC, qualified for Cayley, Hamilton and Maclaurin, and won ‘Best in School’ award in two separate UK top 10 grammar schools. Three students achieved Gold in UKMT JMC and SMC, qualified for Kangaroo

✓ Three AL students selected as finalists across Marshall Society, John Locke Institute and Young Economist of the Year Essay competitions, with several recognised for commended submissions

You may get the perception that I only support gifted children. Not at all! This is only part of my work. The majority of my teaching is geared towards offering support to students across all capabilities. The reason is quite simple - students operating at the median level present the greatest potential for improvement and this is what I strive for.

I consciously take on a balanced mix of students across grammar, state, independent (inc. boarding) and international schools to refine my teaching skills in diverse settings and leverage best practices across the different routes.

If you or your child are aiming for Oxbridge or a Russell Group university, then you must seek guidance from someone who has ‘been there, done that’. Having attended Oxford, Cambridge and Imperial College for STEM and Economics / Mgmt. courses, and excelled at these world-class institutions through achieving gold medals, accolades, awards and scholarships, along with a 13-year continuous track record of successfully supporting students to follow in my footsteps, I am in an extremely strong position to support and mentor you.

► 3. Qualifications | Awards | Credentials ◄

University of Cambridge Awards: MPhil awarded with Distinction, 2011 Cambridge Commonwealth Scholarship, 2011 Jesus College Scholar, 2011 Albert Goh & Elizabeth Coupe Scholar, Ranked Top 2 in year

University of Oxford Awards: Distinction, Top Rank in Cohort with ‘outstanding’ feedback & highest scores across 7 out of 8 professional submissions

Imperial College Awards: 2010 Willis Jackson Medal & Prize, 2010 IET Prize, 2010 Best Overall BEng Student Award, Youngest Ever Graduate Award (EEE), Top Rank in class of 140+, BEng First Class Honours

Gaining 3 promotions in 4.5 years at a global management consultancy in my early 20s, I also ran financial / strategy / business modelling courses and developed professional training resources for new graduates. I now work as a Head of Department. I have trained now-successful tutors and teachers through my popular boot camps, and most of their profiles are featured on here.

I have contributed to AQA exam paper questions as part of a core subject team (roles performed: Senior Examiner, Professional Proofreader and Assessment Reviser). I have also revised excerpts from EdExcel GCSE and AL core curriculum textbooks. Having undertaken these unique roles has equipped me with a clear view of what examiners look for and can therefore prepare you for your upcoming exams with more precision.

I have also consulted Pearson to understand the needs of schools and students, and co-developed a framework to measure academic efficacy of curriculums. I conducted support clinics / classes for Cambridge University Management Studies Tripos undergraduates.

I have self-developed tailored / tried-and-tested resources, study packs and education consulting frameworks to support with decision-making across all key milestones of your educational / career journey e.g. GCSE / AL / IB subject selection, university / course choices on UCAS, pathways to postgraduate study, admissions strategy (UK, EU, US, SGP, AU or combinations).

Given I provide consultancy and advice to leading educational agencies / websites for entrance and secondary school, and develop materials for them, I have access to all resources, including paid ones, and even those which haven’t yet been publicly made available.

After completing numerous teaching residentials across Europe and Middle East, I have now settled in West London and take on a limited number of new students, given a large proportion of my students are referrals who continue until the end of their sixth form / university journey.

My past students have progressed to become successful investment bankers, asset managers, engineers, doctors, architects, barristers and entrepreneurs. If you are keen to join that list, please send me a message.

Tutoring Experience

► 4. Support scenarios | Case studies | ‘Who are you’ ◄

Regardless of your situation and educational needs, my specialised and adaptable approach delivers results. I have a seamless onboarding process, slick tools in place to track progress / weekly homework, simple payments / scheduling, and can therefore hit the ground running fast. I am ultra-responsive to queries and usually respond within seconds. Here are some typical scenarios / case studies that I have added value to:

  • Super engaged parents wanting to ensure their child achieves that dream school or university offer, or their target grades
  • Hands-on parents in international locations, such as Hong Kong, China, India, UAE, who want to provide extra support to their child at boarding or local school (inc. BIS and AIS) to stay abreast of content / achieve their next milestone
  • Busy, hands-off parents in the city not able to carve up enough time to keep up with their child’s educational needs and want to bring in an expert to take accountability and fill any gaps
  • Ambitious GCSE / AL / IB / AP student who tends to lose marks on specific exam questions (e.g. 6-markers in Science or last few questions in IGCSE Maths) and want to master exam technique to maximise marks
  • Student aiming to stay on top of academics after having joined their target secondary / grammar school (pre-GCSE readiness)
  • Student who has missed their target grade and wishes to re-sit and reapply to university
  • PA, nanny, Family Office Manager or agency looking to fulfil the educational requirements for their client
  • Family who travels in between locations with disparate time zones for holidays / work assignments but want to ensure their child’s educational needs continue to be seamlessly met

Tutoring Approach

See brochure under Resources section

► 5. Approach | Methodology: Motivate, Inspire, Educate | ‘How do I work’ ◄

I have a proven methodology evidenced by a strong track record of 1-3+ grade improvement and verified student reviews acquired post exam results (not after the first 1-2 sessions). Several of these reviews have come from high-achieving students and their parents (inc. professionals, academics, entrepreneurs, C-suite / NED members), with high standards themselves, which is a testament to the success of my approach.

My mantra to deliver an exceptional teaching experience, regardless of student capability and parenting approach, traces back to my strategy consulting days where I was professionally trained to advise FTSE100 clients / board members on key business challenges as part of leading major projects in the education and government sectors. I have extended the same approach to my students and their parents to deliver truly remarkable outcomes, evidenced by strong and credible client references and feedback.

I personalise my lessons around the specific needs, unique psychology and learning preferences of each student. An initial diagnostic is conducted to identify their requirements which then feeds into a targeted plan refined over time. The plan factors in the student’s distinct learning capabilities, current / target grades and parent / school feedback. Consequently, each lesson is underpinned by this structured plan, which sits within the student’s ‘live tracker’, and is followed by weekly customised prep based on their performance in the lesson. I also maximise the content covered in each session and share actionable feedback. These strategies ensure that each lesson adds significant value and hence boosts the chances of achieving the top grade.

Having worked with hundreds of UK state / independent and international schools spanning a period of 13+ years, I am very likely to be aware of teaching methods and any potential gaps at your school and can hence quickly and seamlessly support you in filling them.

Despite having partnered with leading UK and renowned international agencies (inc. Ivy, Crimson, Keystone, WC), I cherish building direct relations with parents and students. This has helped me intricately understand student needs first hand, meet these as part of a long-term continuous relation and ensure that nothing is lost in translation. Having said that, I do partner with selected agencies to enjoy access to some truly exceptional talent.

I provide reliable, continuous and flexible support through teaching diverse subjects from early years all the way through to university, eliminating the hassle to look for and manage multiple tutors, scheduling, payments, reports and other logistics. For subjects that I do not teach, I partner with selected, tried-and-tested experts who prioritise my referrals.

I regularly network and collaborate with other experienced tutors, allowing me to gather and act on feedback, finesse approach and hence ensure continuous improvement.

► 6. Approach: Optional Reading ◄

My approach is underpinned by real-time adaptability, guided by empathy, patience and performance, a drive to unlock each student’s true potential, and structure to enable programmatic learning. I believe each session is critical and is designed to be ambitious but achievable. Due to this, I leverage my teaching repertoire to engage my students in every single lesson, knowing when to deploy certain strategies to drive the greatest impact. By understanding their psychology, operating at their wavelength and building rapport, I aim to instil a thirst for learning, ignite a passion for achievement to enable continuous development, and make it into a ‘student pull’ as opposed to a ‘teacher push’ model.

I guide my students through a series of well-placed questions rather than providing them with information to rote learn. I endeavour to remove the abstraction in concepts through simplification of seeming complex methods. My lessons expose and climatise students to harder exam questions early on so that they are not overwhelmed during the final phase of exam practice. My approach of providing visual representations of concepts works wonders in establishing a crystal clear understanding. I regularly ask students to teach back what was taught a few weeks ago as a unique way of not just revising but also improving their communication skills. I provide them with more efficient methods of doing questions to save time during time-pressured exams. I also provide predicted exam questions for popular subjects as part of my exam practice sessions.

I use my extensive experience and targeted approach to equip students with resilience-building strategies and ensure broad coverage in each session by using diverse resources (e.g. chemguide, Isaac Physics, Pretest, Atom, MadAsMaths, PMT, SME, Revision Village), practical / relevant examples, targeted exam questions and tailored homework to get the most bang for your buck. Hence, we are not only reiterating content and sustaining the school’s pace, but surpassing it.

► 7. Main services offered | ‘What can I help you with’ ◄

a. KS3 | Pre-GCSE | GCSE | IGCSE | MYP | National 5 | O level - ‘Building / cementing the foundations’
- All exam boards covered: AQA, OCR, EdExcel, WJEC, CAIE, Scottish / SQA
- Preparation for set reassessment tests e.g. moving up a set / aiming for top set
- Covering exam technique / approach to maximising marks (inc. end of exam questions) / optimising speed
- Last minute exam prep (inc. rapid identification of and support in weaker areas)
- Niche subjects offered e.g. Statistics | Accelerated pre-GCSE programme offered

b. A level | IAL | IB SL HL | (Advanced) Highers | AP | Pre U - ‘Streamlining all efforts for that top university offer’
- Detailed plan to ensure strong prep for upcoming exams / maximising likelihood of meeting target grades for university offers
- Optimal resource / practice question selection based on subject and topic (inc. AI and AA)
- Improve predicted grades through post summer / mock assessments and retesting
- End-to-end support with IA / Extended Essay development: ideation, write-up, feedback, finalisation (subjects covered: TOK, Maths, Further Maths, Business, Economics, Physics, Chemistry, ESS)

c. Selective School Entrance Prep (7+ | 11+ | CE 13+ | 16+ | other occasional entry routes) - ‘Getting into the dream school’
- 7/10/11+: ISEB Common Pre-tests (CPT), school-specific tests, consortium-based tests
- 13+: Common Entrance for leading independent schools (day and boarding)
- 16+: extensive interview insight / exam material spanning last 6 years gathered from past students who have been successful at all stages for highly selective schools inc. St. Paul’s, Westminster, City of London. Regularly chosen ahead of recommended teachers from top 10 UK Sixth Form colleges for 16+ prep across Critical Thinking, Economics and STEM subjects
- Special exam technique / readiness sessions in the lead up to test dates to complement prep school support (inc. feeder schools such as Belmont, Dragon, Falkner, Hall, Pilgrims’, Sussex House, Westminster Under, Wetherby)
- Personal statement development / answering school application questions with impact
- Access to all resources inc. but not limited to Atom, BOFA, Exam Papers Plus, PiAcademy, Pretest Plus

d. UCAS Undergraduate | Postgraduate Applications & Proposals | Personal Statements | Entrance Tests - ‘Making it count’
- Full-fledged personal statement development across foundation, undergraduate and postgraduate courses (Masters, PhD, MBA): ideation, narrative selection, framing / shaping / instilling impact, phasing / sequencing, feedback, finalisation / proofreading
- Different support packages available (e.g. flagship, light support): university admissions strategy / course selection (inc. ‘preferred’ subjects to course mapping), personal statement development, oversight on school reference submission, general advice (e.g. predicted grades)
- Boot camp-styled preparation for BMAT, UCAT, ENGAA, TMUA, NSAA, ECAA, LNAT, PAT, MAT, STEP, TSA, AMAT or similar entrance tests
- Historic database of actual university decisions to share insight beyond websites and Unifrog e.g. specific university likely to drop offer as adjustment based on specific subject grades / combination / contextual offer
- Assistance with research proposals for postgraduate, doctoral-level university applications

e. Boarding School Boosters - ‘Topping up performance’
- Revision boot camps / sprint sessions over half-term, exeat weekends / rec leaves, Christmas, Easter and the summer geared at intensive catch-up, covering topics in advance, polishing / refinement of exam technique / areas where student needs improvement
- Online sessions during boarding / in-person in West London during breaks

f. Home-schooling | Privately-taught Subjects - ‘Simulating top school teaching at home’
- Extending high quality teaching and subject specialism to the comfort of your home environment whilst fulfilling your unique needs / supporting your extenuating circumstances
- End-to-end support offered for privately opted subjects not offered / available at school
- Extensive support offered for resit / gap year students

g. Independent Career Advice and Mentoring - ‘Supporting across the marathon’
- End-to-end / ad hoc / independent, right time, right advice throughout or at key milestones across the educational journey e.g. GCSE subject selection, line of sight from A levels to university course to job role types
- Glide-path to Oxbridge and Russell Group admission readiness: long-term strategy and planning / short-term application finalisation
- Draw from own personal experience of successful Oxbridge university admissions and highly competitive strategy consultancy job applications
- Tailored advice on university / career pathways based on strengths and intrinsic motivators (above and beyond standardised approaches such as Morrisby)

h. University Coursework and Module Support for Accounting, Business Management, Economics, Finance, Maths - ‘Offering guidance outside university lectures’
- Support offered for foundation (UFP), undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD-level courses across UK and international universities (e.g. Imperial College, UCL, LSE, Brunel, Kingston, Royal Holloway, Roehampton)
- Supported students across entire university courses spanning multiple years e.g. MSc Management at Imperial College across Accounting, Business Analytics, Business Economics, Corporate Finance, Corporate Strategy, Operations Management
- Support extends to assignment completion, module exam prep, quizzes / tests and dissertation / thesis development

i. Internship and Work Experience Prep | CV Development - 'Packaging it all up’
- Gaining 3 promotions in 4.5 years at a global management consultancy in my early 20s and now working as Head of Department, I can help you break into competitive city jobs. I go above and beyond to help funnel the right talent to the right career and have a passion to support the new generation to achieve their highest ambitions
- I support and advise school / university students, fresh graduates and young professionals in the early phase of their careers (work experience of up to 5 years) looking to apply for jobs in competitive sectors like consulting and investment banking
- End-to-end application support: company / role selection, CV / cover letter review / preparation, psychometric test prep (inc. SHL, Kenexa, CEB, Gartner), assessment centre readiness, interview coaching (competency-based, motivational), strategy consultancy case mock interview prep (inc. M&A, market sizing, pricing)
- Having a well-established network in the city / corporate world through my 13-year+ experience in this space and through students / their parents that I have supported over the years, I can make introductions for niche and demanding roles
- I teach with the end goal in mind and provide ongoing mentoring to raise my students’ awareness of emerging roles in the job market (e.g. AI / machine learning) and provide relevant anecdotes / draw from my own professional experience and proactively demonstrate the link between what they are studying and how it relates to the skills needed beyond academic life

► 8. Specialist Services offered | ‘Offering niche support’ ◄

j. School Selection Advice - ‘Providing a Holistic and Impartial View’
- Given my end to end support model, from helping students gain admission via the 7+/11+/13+/16+ to helping them through to GCSE / A levels and beyond, I am uniquely placed to gain a true sense of how good the school was on paper at the point of admission to how the actual experience, leading up to AL / IB / AP, has been in reality. I can share this invaluable, impartial and unbiased view with students and parents to put them in a strong position to make the best decision for themselves

k. Interview Prep for Entrance Exams (Schools and Universities)
- Interview training technique which empowers you to impress with confidence, influenced by various professional training courses which I attended as part of my career in consulting
- Approach deep-rooted in creating impact by delivering ‘peak performance’, akin to a symphony orchestra, achieved through tailored practice, a winning mindset and synergistic communication - using words, intonation, hand gestures and facial expressions
- Experiential learning based on insight from past students who have relayed questions, feedback and learnings right after their interviews e.g. questions for Economics in King’s College School’s 16+ interview in Nov 2017, Imperial College Aeronautical Engineering in 2021, Cambridge Law in 2019, etc.

l. NDA-protected Support for HNW | UHNW | Royalty | Celebrities
- Consistent track record of supporting high net worth families from the UK and globally (inc. Middle East, Russia), including members of ruling families, business magnates, C-suite, ambassadors and celebrities
- Advised on education strategy and associated pathways for children of politicians and royalty on glide-path to becoming future leaders
- Smooth NDA process in place to ensure confidentiality of arrangement
- Extensive experience working with Family Offices, Office Managers, EAs, PAs

m. Olympiad and Academic Competition Preparation
- In addition to tests / competitions covered under the headlines section, I also support with Hans Woyda, Bebras, Maths in Motion, Top of the Bench competitions

n. Targeted Support for Aspiring Professional Sports Individuals
- Taught UK national swimming champion, fencing and tennis players, boxer, national horse show jumper and an Olympian adult learner. Designed tailored study plans to complement their intense training regimes

o. SEN Support
- Experience in successfully teaching students with ADHD, Asperger’s, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, dyslexia

► 9. Experience: UK Schools ◄

Abbey College Cambridge | Abingdon School | ACS (Cobham, Egham, Hillingdon) | Albemarle College | Alley’s School | Altrincham Grammar | American School in London | Ashbourne College | Ashfold Prep School | Ashford School | Ashton House | Azbuka Foundation | Bedales | Bede’s School | Bedford School | Benenden School | Bradfield College | Brighton College | Bryanston School | Canford School | CATS College London | Charterhouse School | Cheltenham Ladies’ College | City of London | City of London Freemen’s | Colchester County | Coombe Girls’ | Danes Hill | Dulwich College | Eaton Square | Ecole Jeannine Manuel London | Esher College | Eton College | Farleigh School | Fettes College | Francis Holland School | George Heriot’s School | Glasgow Academy | Godstowe School | Grey Court School | Hampton Court House | Hampton School | Harris Academy | Harris Westminster | Harrodian School | Harrow School | Headington School | Heathland School | Herschel Grammar | Highgate School | Hurtwood House | Ibstock Place | Ipswich School | JAGS | Kendrick School | Kensington Park School | King Edward VI (Bath, Birmingham, Chelmsford, Witley) | King’s College School Wimbledon | King’s School (Canterbury, Grantham) | Kingston Grammar | Lady Eleanor Holles | Lampton School | Langley GrammarLatymer Upper | Liverpool College | Longacre School | Loughborough Grammar | Lycée Français Charles de Gaulle de Londres | Magdalen College School | Malvern College | Manchester Grammar | Merchant Taylors’ | Millfield School | MPW (London, Cambridge) | NLCS | Oratory School | Oxford International College | Queen’s Gate School | Reading Bluecoat | Reading School | Reed’s School | Rugby School | Sevenoaks | Sherborne School | Solihull School | Southbank Int. School | SPGS | St. Catherine’s Bramley | St. George’s College Weybridge | St. George’s Windsor | St. James’ School Ashford | St. John’s Leatherhead | St. Mary’s Calne | St. Olave’s Grammar | St. Paul’s School | St. Teresa’s Effingham | Stephen Perse | Stowe College | Sutton Grammar | TASIS | The King’s (Cathedral) School | Tiffin | Uppingham School | Upton Court Grammar | Vineyard School | Warwick School | Watford Grammar | Wellington College | Whitgift School | Wimbledon High | Winchester College

► 10. Experience: International Schools ◄

British International Schools (Abu Dhabi, Budapest, Cairo, Dubai, Jeddah, KL, Milan, Moscow, New Delhi, Riyadh, Tokyo, Tunis) | American Int. Schools (Budapest, Dubai, Japan, Jeddah, Kuwait, Vienna) | Brighton College Abu Dhabi | Brilliantmont International School Switzerland | Cambridge School Doha | Kings School Al Barsha | Kuwait English School | Qatar International School | Akademeia High School Warsaw | Dwight School New York | Lycée Francais Pierre Mendès Tunis | Lycée International de Calgary | St. George's International School Switzerland | St. George’s Senior School Vancouver | Warwick Academy Bermuda

► 11. Experience: Taught Modules for Universities and Foundation Programmes ◄

Bangor University (Marketing) | Cambridge University (Economics and Management) | Cambridge University (Management) | Cambridge (Masters in Finance) - Financial Reporting & Analysis module - Highest mark in year | City University (FP Economics) | East Carolina University (Economics) | EPFL (Maths) | HEC Paris (MBA) - Microeconomics module - 84% (second highest in year) | Imperial (eMBA) - Marketing module - 77% (First) | Imperial College (MSc Management, Economics, Finance and Data Science) | Into Manchester (Accounting and Finance - Foundation) | LSBU (Digital Marketing - Foundation) | Nottingham University (Chemistry - Foundation) | Southampton University (Maths) | Tufts University (MBA) | Warwick University (BSc Economics)

► 12. Experience: Online Schools ◄

Pearson Online Academy | Wolsey Hall Oxford

► 13. Notes ◄
  • Enhanced DBS / CRB certified
  • Note to parents / students: proposed rate will be dependent on subject and level of study. Displayed rate typically applies to early years / standard exam boards; free first lesson applies to 11+ students starting in Year 4 only
  • If you have been an existing client through a concierge service or educational consultancy, kindly note that I will require authorisation before potentially taking you on direct
  • Note to tutors: kindly refrain from copying excerpts from my profile. Please note that my solicitor has registered my profile with the UK government’s Intellectual Property Office. I will therefore actively pursue any infringements if I find that this copyright material has been copied in any shape or form. A legal notice will be shared directly with the relevant tutor without first involving First Tutors
LanguagesEnglish (British), Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi
AvailabilityWeekends, Weekdays (all times)
References Available On File


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University of Cambridge2011MastersMPhil Management (Distinction)
Imperial College London2010BachelorsBEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering (First Class Honours)
University of Oxford2020OtherStrategy

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